What we do for founders

Working with 100+ founding teams has helped us find our zone of genius– aka what we’re better at than most other investors.

1. We offer recent and relevant execution experience across product, growth, and scaling your team.

May Habib

CEO of Writer

These folks are founders who pick up your strategy, challenges, opportunities, competitive landscape in minutes, and drive a highly generative first conversation. They are the real deal, rolling up their sleeves to help us with intros and knowledge before the wires hit. Take their money if you can.

Vijay Mani

CEO of Covey

“Amit and Alex are incredible minds to have as part of the Covey team. I’ve worked with some of the best investors in the valley, and they are easily amongst the most valuable. They stand out because they just understand early-stage execution at all levels. Any B2B founder should want them onboard.”

2. We work with the best operator angels and emerging funds and can get a round filled-out as fast as f@*k.

Kevin Martin

CTO of Unspun

“Once Matt decided to get in our pants (we make jeans), he sat down with us and strategized on who the right investors were to bring in, when & how to best approach each one, and what additional angels and experts we could add to best fill a few network and skill gaps. Matt’s top three intros of Lachy Groom, Hyper, and Josh Buckley who ended up leading an expanded round that closed in a few weeks and his agency intros have become a core part of our growth team.”

Alamin Uddin

CEO of NexHealth

“Once I decided to raise, I reached out to Alex MacCaw for advice. He introduced me to Josh Buckley and a strong group of super angels and founders like Des Traynor, Naval Ravikant, Rahul Vohra, and Harry Stebbings. We decided to accept Josh’s term sheet, close out our other offers, and get back to work.”

3. We are early crypto investors who see blockchain and web3 protocols as the foundation of the future internet.

Sasha Mackinnon

CEO of Mino Games

“Since the ideation of the web3 version of Mino, Earl Grey has been there for us every step of the way. They helped put the round together, introduced us to some incredible angels, and think through a few key strategic decisions.”